Balagan The Nikkei Spot For Your Palate

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Balagan is a Sushi Nikkei food restaurant, this concept born in the heart of Wynwood, was the result of the chaos generated in the year 2019... its members found there the opportunity to carry out this project, with the aim of bringing to the city an innovative gastronomic concept, where the exquisite flavors of this incredible cuisine are combined with a warm, modern and appropriate to the area where it is located ( one of the best in Miami) for that very reason it carries the imprint it deserves.

The idea of the name, so representative of the project, arises as we have said in the year 2019 in which the pandemic brought chaos both in Miami and around the world. Based on this, they sought to transform the "negative" meaning of the word, and transform it into a space to enjoy... that is why they thought of a service and a cuisine that represented what was experienced at that time and thus be able to give a twist to a dynamic and friendly place to all its public.
From that starting point, the Balagan experience was born. The concept of  NIKKEI FOOD is currently at the peak of its explosion. The combination of Peruvian-Japanese flavors becomes a very sought after option by diners around the world; this type of food, which stands out for its different textures, flavors and freshness in their dishes, has opened more and more step in the gastronomic and today is really being very chosen in Miami.

This concept will continue to grow for a long time, since nowadays it has become very fashionable and popular in all regions. Mainly because of the traceability that exists between Peruvian and Japanese cultures... even though it has existed for decades, technology, easy access to information and the curiosity of the gastronomy lover, led the public to become interested in this passion, which is the Nikkei gastronomy... they find through food, a beautiful story to tell and learn!


Undoubtedly, among the most essential elements that make Peruvian food unique is the amalgamation between the raw materials used that result in a combination of flavors and textures very friendly to the palate. In addition, this allows you to elaborate an infinite world of combinations and flavors, thus satisfying all your guests! One of the daily dishes that are usually served is ceviche? It has really evolved in an incredible and favorable way thanks to this cooking concept.

By offering a series of different options to the client, this increases the possibilities of leaving the conventional ceviche and trying something different, within the same category.

Another of the dishes applauded by its diners are the Nikkei rolls, which are par excellence the most requested products. The sauces used, the textures and flavors that are achieved through this fusion, and in conjunction with rice and protein, achieve an exquisite blend for the palate. You don't want to stop coming back to this place to eat them!

Moving on to the beverage sector, cocktails are also a strong point in this restaurant. They seek to reflect through the cocktails the concept of fusion of flavors, based on balanced alcohols such as wine and prosecco... and together with the passion fruit, they achieve a sweet but refreshing drink at the same time!
This allows for a unique experience and at the same time, the possibility of being consumed at any time of the day... incomparable, isn't it?


If you have never tried Nikkei food, when you arrive at Balagan, definitely the star dish and the one that will become the protagonist of a delicious and unforgettable experience... without any doubt the Nikkei roll "truffle dynamite" and some kind of Nikkei nigiri like the Ebby torched nikkei nigiri or the tuna nikkei nigiri.
Food and drinks of high level and quality ... in an atmosphere balanced between music and warm lighting that seek to make the service a unique and incomparable lunch or dinner is what you will find and more than enough in this exciting place! If you visit Miami, you can not miss this place.