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Miami is a paradise for art lovers, the home of state-of-the-art neighborhoods, world-renowned art shows, and numerous galleries and museums.

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Miami is a paradise for art lovers, the home of state-of-the-art neighborhoods, world-renowned art shows, and numerous galleries and museums. Experience live music, dance, and theatre. Or take a film or a festival when visiting the venues built by world-famous architects.

Due to the nature of the shows and the various art centers in Miami, performing arts are becoming more prominent every day. An amazing and interesting sights like the historical sites, you can enjoy mega activities, from shows, ballet, theater to the Opera House.

Colony Theatre, Miami, Florida.

Such as the historical and old Colony Theatre, in Art Deco style. Established in 1935 and situated at the heart of South Beach, the popular Lincoln Road. The theatre, with 415 seats, is small and cozy, all with great stage views. Many film festivals and other activities are gathered all year round, including opera, theater, and dance.

One of the most modern centers of art, the New World Symphony, the Americas Orchestral Academy, and New World Center, can be found in the vicinity of the Colony theater. A South Beach cultural landmark. The outside wall of the New World Center is free of charge to enjoy selected dates of unique season activities, including New World Symphony events.

The center of the arts scene in Miami is the art district of Wynwood, situated north of downtown, and the historic Overtown, an area reinvented by artists drawn by the area's low rents and high school of design and architecture (The College of Design and Architecture, also known as DASH). In a couple of years, art and design luminaries captured the attention of the lively and artistic culture in the city. The district also provides space for up-and-coming artists with great attention to its hip-hop character.

Follow the art path to the Wynwood Main for a cool artist's style along NW 2nd Avenue and on a few side streets. The Wynwood Walls is the heart and soul of the vicinity. On the second Saturday of every month, a street party, 16 blocks, or over 70 art galleries accompany the renowned Walls will be held. 

Wynwood Walls, Miami, Florida.

What began as a man's dream of raising public opinion on street art and was once a district which housed warehouses is now a place where visitors and connoisseurs from the area can see 80,000 cubic feet of stunning art. The plan of the street adorns building external walls. The works of more than 50 local and foreign artists can be seen in the city, and the movement influenced the establishment of the Doors of Wynwood for neighboring companies and installations outside the walls.

Miami is home to the Latin atmosphere and flavor. Everywhere you breathe. It reflects this influence in various art centers. One of the best places to check is Little Havana on Cultural Fridays.

Every last Friday of each month from 18.00, sculptors, craftsmen, and musicians gather on Calle Ocho for a showcase of talents, some on the highway! Visitors can explore Cuban coffee galleries and cultural centers and enjoy traditional Latin cuisine, which will make anyone feel a little bit more like Cuba with the scent of tobacco, the sound of dominoes, and the popular Cuban accent.

In December a visit to Miami is obligatory as Art Basel is being hosted by the city, an exhibition which showcases the best of contemporary and modern art. Whether you're passionate about photography, painting, or large-scale installations, you'll find groundbreaking work from artists who have already built reputations and artists new to the international scene.