What to do with kids in Miami

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First of all, happiness lies in the simple things of life. Many of the activities that seem ordinary or commonplace are in the end the most rewarding since, in occasions, less is more. My Guide stands to recommend to you the following experiences and thing to do in Miami with your kids:

If your idea of fun are entertaining physical activities, then you should chek out the Art Deco Historic District experience. It is not only the perfect excuse to burn those calories consumed in the outstanding restaurants that you have surely already visited, or you will do it later on following our guide, but it is also a very good opportunity to spend a nice family time.

From this meal introduction, a good recommendation for a wonderful family lunch is La Industria. In this modern, fresh and lovely space you will eat for sure a delicious meal and dessert, accompanied by refreshing drinks to face the radiant sun of the beaches of Miami.

Another top restaurant you should deffinitely take your kids to, is Coyo Taco. A mixed enviroment between Mexican food & drinks, and the American staff & culture. The location will make your kids will love the amazing taste of Latin food. The family may also spend the day sightseeing and exploring the Wynwood Centre, which is nearby.

Finally, another two options for any given day at the beach or city:
1. Baia Beach Club. In this club, you will enjoy yourself from morning to night, through different possible contexts, such as: waterfront dining, social activities, public and private areas, wellness and health services, recreational facilities, and authentic food and beverage offerings.
2. Aventura. A haven for shopping, golf, and fine dining

Our local-experts My Guide team hopes this article has been helpfull, and any questions are no bother.