Top 10 Attractions in Miami

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Miami has become one of the best tourist destinations, particularly if you want a relaxing, sunny, and especially enjoyable vacation. Unlike other areas of the United States, Florida has a year-round warm environment allowing you to enjoy the many attractions at any time, such as beaches, shopping centers, discotheques, museums, restaurants, and more. Prepare your case, because these are the touristic attractions that your next trip to Miami can't skip.
Its beaches are the greatest draw in Miami.
The first one to not be missed is the famed South Beach with bath suits and great dances typical of movies. You will like its trendy and funky restaurants. But you can't resist returning to 85th Street Beach if you want something calmer and more familiar. You can enjoy the sand and gorgeous sunsets there.
Paradox Museum 
Paradox Museum is a must-see, must-share destination for all ages. A place that will touch your heart and mind, will offer you new perspectives, will invite you to defy reality, blow your mind and think again. Come, explore, live your own experience, create your own unique memories, WRITE YOUR OWN STORY!

Boat Trip
Enjoy a ride on the Caribbean Sea and the entire coast of Florida with one of the best yacht fleets in Miami. Discover more here!

Go shopping in Miami, it's also known for its upscale shopping malls like The Falls that have a very sleek architecture, fountains, and the world's leading brands and shops. With plenty of shops and cheap costs, Dolphin Mall is also an excellent alternative.
Going to Miami's finest restaurants is also an excellent choice.
Altamar, with fresh seafood in a tasty Italian style, has an incredible restaurant. We also suggest Zuma, Naoe, and Pubbelly Gastro Pub for these fantastic choices.
Wynwood Art Walk.
It's also free for art enthusiasts, especially graffiti! In this complex, murals are meant to be updated all the time, replaced by new works, and this is an extremely fascinating location for traditional street art.
Miami walks or bike tours.
you can take a stroll around the best sites in the city with a specialist on house culture. Any workout is worth it after so much rest!

Olympia Theatre:
Not all things go to the beach or shopping in Miami, cultural events like the visit to this magnificent Theater, which was opened in 1926, are very diverse and fascinating.
The American Airlines Arena.
This stadium has impressive, futuristic architecture and wonderful displays from abroad. 
Enjoy a beautiful sail out to the reef with a refreshing dip in the crystal clear waters as we explore the world’s third-largest living coral reef on Key West largest!

The San Bernardo de Clairvaux monastery cloisters.
Founded in the 12th century, it has classic romantic architecture. This is one of the various things in Miami, that is lovely and memorable, take a camera with you.

Museum of Biscay.
Something you can't leave on your journey is to visit at least one museum. From 1916 to 1925, it was housed as a home. They have been influenced by Rome to design it. Today, you can find furnishings and drawings from various historical newspapers in its 70 rooms.