Brickell is the financial center of Miami, but it's more than just banks and industry.

Brickell is the financial center of Miami, but it's more than just banks and industry. It's undergone major changes in recent years, and beyond the shiny new high-rise, you'll discover swanky cocktail bars, chic boutiques, art exhibits, and more. 

Visitors can book a space in several luxurious hotels, like W and Conrad, all of which have spectacular rooftop bars. Find your way back at noon, even though you don't stay overnight. There's a Hampton Inn in the thick of things that's a bit better on the wallet and within walking distance of the rooftop bars and plenty of other things to do in Brickell.

Get to the Brickell City Centre, a $1 billion development that houses high-end retail and dining, including a multi-level Italian food store, Luna Park. Or only a few blocks down to Mary Brickell Village, a more modest building than the former option, but one that's still filled with cafes, restaurants, and specialty stores to keep you busy all day.

Green space may seem hard to get to Brickell, but Simpson Park Hammock is a peaceful sanctuary in the sea of skyscrapers. This 7.8-acre nature reserve is home to 15 endangered species of plants and nine vulnerable species of plants. You might also find any animals during your tour, including lizards, woodpeckers, raccoons, and more. The gravel path that wraps the edge of the reserve leads you to a big koi fish pond with benches; head here for an afternoon coffee or a picnic lunch, or just to get out of town for a few moments.

Locals use the MetroMover for their day-to-day transportation, but many highlights of Brickell and Downtown Miami still happen. The tram glides across the streets, giving passengers a glimpse of the busy city below.

Brickell is the fastest developing neighborhood in Miami and has one of the best parts of the skyline. Sugar, situated on the 40th floor of EAST Miami, presents a tropical rooftop bar with specialty drinks and an Asian-inspired menu. Located in an EPIC hotel with an outdoor patio with breathtaking views, Area 31 is also a fantastic choice.

Take time to visit the various outstanding Brickell galleries, such as the Bojanini Art Gallery, the Beaux Arts Gallery, and more. the SLS Brickell has an extensive art collection including foreign artists such as Markus Linnenbrink and Katja Loher. Avant Gallery, which is technically situated in the city center, right over the pedestrian bridge, is yet another well-respected gallery showcasing a revolving roster of contemporary artists.

The following bus lines include routes passing by Brickell:

Bus: 207, 24, 8, MIABIS, MIACOR
Light Rail: BRICKELL