Consulates and Embassies

In spite of the fact that most international embassies are located within the nation’s capital of Washington D.C., consulates can be found in different areas and offer amplified administrations. 

You’ll discover remote consulates scattered all through non-capital cities, their main part being to help stateside citizens and guests of their host country. Particular assets change by nation, but most consulates offer comparable services.
Consulates can help with:

• Passport applications
• Visa requests
• Medical assistance during emergencies
• Legal assistance in case of arrest
• Reporting births, marriages, deaths, adoptions, divorces, and other significant personal events
• Assistance in case of a disaster or emergency
Where can I Find Foreign Consulates in Florida?

With such diverse residents and visitors, it’s no surprise Florida boasts a variety of foreign consulates throughout the state. The Miami area alone is home to more than 100 foreign consulates, foreign trade offices, and bi-national chambers of commerce, according to Miami-Dade County’s official website.

Various government and private organizations, as well as local universities, offer comprehensive lists of foreign consulates within the Sunshine State. Among them is Enterprise Florida, the principal economic development organization for Florida.